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by Carrie Oliver on April 14, 2010

Carrie Oliver Rating: Thinking Man’s Beef™

This grass-fed beef from the Catskill Region of New York has an outdoor feel to it but has layered flavors & complexity that are quite fun to explore.

Tasting Notes:

The grass-fed steak had a some chew Texture, adventurous and rich, earthy Personality with notes of root vegetables and roasted potatoes and hints of surf and mineral leaving a long Impression. The grass-fed ground beef included sweet notes and a buttery finish.

Wine Pairing:

Coming soon!

Meet The Ranchers

Originally from Iceland, Ingimundur Kjarval specializes in grass-pastured lamb and beef on this lush farm in Delaware County, New York. With nearly 30 years experience raising pastured meats, he chooses his breeds and cross breeds to best match the local climate and forage, including the hays he grows to keep his livestock healthy and growing in winter. Kjarval’s daughter, Ulla, is a passionate advocate for grass-pastured meats and for supporting beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and dairy farmers in New York State and across the country. You can buy Spring Lake Farm grass fed and finished beef and lamb on a case by case basis, depending on availability, season, and your particular needs. Please contact the farm directly as they will gladly will work with you any way we they can.

Tasting Overview:

Taster: Carrie Oliver
Date Tasted: March 2010
Cut Tasted: Rib Eye Steak
Diet/Feed: Grass Fed
Cooking Method: Outdoor Gas Grill
How Served: Medium Rare
Seasoning: Kosher Salt
Previous Cut Tasted: Burger (slider)
Previous Date Tasted: Same date
Previous Taster: Carrie Oliver

Quick Facts

Breed: Mixed herd of Hereford, Highland, Angus, & Simmental
Growing Region: Catskill Region, Delaware County, NY, Elevation 1800 feet above sea level
Farm/Ranch: Spring Lake Farm
Farmers/Ranchers:lllllllll Ingimundur Kjarval
Diet/Feed: Grass Fed & Finished (100% grass-based diet)
Raising Protocols: Our cattle herd started with a small herd of Hereford and Highland (from local good lines) and we have used Angus and Simmental bulls from local farms. We only wean the bulls we are using for breeding and let the calves be on the mother for as long as they like, and separate them at one year.
Finishing Protocols: Raised on an all grass diet, mostly timothy, orchard, rye grasses and red and white clover. During winter months they are fed high quality baylage which is from our farm and contains the same grasses.
Slaughterhouse: Steiner Packing Co. Inc., Otego, NY
Butcher: Steiner Packing Co. Inc., Otego, NY
Aging Technique: Dry-Aged
Aging Time: 14 Days
Packaging: Butcher wrap freezer paper
Never Use Antibiotics Ever: X
Use Vet Approved Spot Treatment Antibiotics: -
Never Use Feed Antibiotics X
Never Use Added Growth Hormones: X
Never Use Ionophores: X
No Animal, Fish, Fowl By-Products in Feed X
100% Vegetarian Feed X
Practice Rotational Grazing X
Practice Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing X
USDA Natural Yes
USDA Naturally Raised New Voluntary Certification No
Third Party Certified Organic No
Third Party Certified Humane No
Other Third Party Certifications In process
Other Spring Lake Farm also produces grass-fed lamb and raises Polish Arabian horses.

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