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by Carrie Oliver on March 23, 2010

Carrie Oliver Rating: Outdoor Adventure Beef™

For those looking for an adventurous, fun, memorable ride. These grass-fed steaks and burgers take you through fresh ocean breezes and lemony pastures. Savory, lively, layered, but harmonious flavors combined with some chew, it would be especially pleasing to those who like some zip in their beef but aren’t ready for a Class 5 white water rafting experience.

Tasting Notes:

A bit of chew in the Texture, direct to adventurous Personality with a sweet/sour tone, hints of lemon, caramel, and grassy notes and an almost effervescent, long-lasting Impression.

Wine Pairing:

April Pogue, Seattle-based Sommelier. Full bodied with hints of caramel and smoke, this 5th growth from Bordeaux has excellent structure that cuts through the texture of the beef like a knife.

- 2004 Chateau Pedesclaux from Pauillac Bordeaux

Meet The Ranchers

Al & Roxanne Mettenburg’s farm is in the Flint Hills Region of Kansas “on a pile of limestone.” Rather than fight the rocks, they allow native Blue Stem Prairie grass to grow and raise to finish weight a small herd of old-line Simmental cattle mixed with a bit of Angus and Gelbvieh crossed in. They are now taking orders for their grass-fed beef for October 2010. Look for them online at Mettenburg Farm.

Tasting Overview:

Taster: Carrie Oliver
Date Tasted: December 2009 (two different harvests)
Cut Tasted: New York / Kansas City Strip; Ground Beef
Diet/Feed: Grass Fed
Cooking Method: Charcoal Grill
How Prepared: Medium Rare
Seasoning: Kosher Salt
Previous Cut Tasted: New York / Kansas City Strip; Ground Beef
Previous Date Tasted: November 2009
Previous Taster: Jaden Hair aka Steamy Kitchen

Quick Facts

Breed: Fleckvieh Simmental, Angus, Gelbvieh Cross
Growing Region: Flint Hills, Kansas
Farm/Ranch: Mettenburg Farm
Farmers/Ranchers:lllllllll Al & Roxanne Mettenburg
Diet/Feed: Grass Fed & Finished
Raising Protocols: Calves stay on mama’s milk first 9 months of life. Raised on cool season fescue/brome/clover winter & spring; finished on native bluestem prairie (warm season). Supplemental hay and alfalfa pellets in winter. Harvested approximately 18 months of age.
Finishing Protocols: Native Bluestem prairie grasses
Slaughterhouse: Stinson Meat Processing, Ottawa, KS
Butcher: Joe Stinson & team
Aging Technique: Dry-Aged
Aging Time: 14-21 Days
Packaging: Cryovac Vacuum Sealed
Never Use Antibiotics Ever: -
Use Vet Approved Spot Treatment Antibiotics: X (Remove from program if treated)
Never Use Feed Antibiotics X
Never Use Added Growth Hormones: X
Never Use Ionophores: X
No Animal, Fish, Fowl By-Products in Feed X
100% Vegetarian Feed X
Practice Rotational Grazing X
Practice Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing -
USDA Natural Yes
USDA Naturally Raised New Voluntary Certification No
Certified Organic No
Certified Humane No
Other Third Party Certifications No
Other Small herd carefully handled for more than 25 years. Genetically acclimated to this farm’s environment. Cows selected for milking ability and natural muscling. Fleckvieh Simmental are smaller than other Simmental strains and known for thickness from shoulder to rump (includes the entire loin), have been traditionally raised in Europe by Managed Intensive Grazing practices for decades. These cattle originate as dual purpose meat/milk animals.

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Bergmann April 29, 2011 at 4:17 am

Good afternoon.
We are company “Bergmann” from Turkey (İstanbul). We are interested of
Simmental breed.
First, we want to know do you have breeds (pregnant) 1000 quantity?
Best wishes.

Carrie Oliver May 16, 2011 at 11:16 am

Hi, there. We don’t breed cattle, we just report on how they taste when raised with artisan or near artisan standards. You might try the American Simmental Association or Canadian Simmental Association Carrie

Jeffrey May 24, 2013 at 7:35 am

I noticed that the Mettenburg Farm website has been updated and they have more ordering choices. Looks great.

Carrie Oliver June 20, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Good for them for expanding into pork and other meats and making it easier to buy their fabulous beef. Thank you on behalf of the community for the update, Jeffrey!

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